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Nick Frith

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Nick Frith
by Scott Arnold - Thursday, 16 June 2016, 11:10 AM

Nick Frith

nick frith

Graduated from Parkland in 2006

Post Secondary Education:

  • Year One Marine Service Technician (MST)

  • Bridge Watch Rating Program, Ladysmith B.C

  • Canadian Coast Guard (Various certifications: MED, RHIOT, Medic A)

Current Field: Coast Guard/Marine

Official Title: Canadian Coast Guard Rescue Specialist

Employer: Canadian Coast Guard

Role: Emergency first responder and inshore rescue boat operator

Some of my favorite experiences in this job have been:
  • Going up to the Arctic every summer on the Ice Breaking expedition
  • Exploring the West Coast and beyond (Alaska, the Arctic) bouy tending, search and rescue, flying in marine helicopters, driving SAR (Search and Rescue) boats and working SAR.
  • Was working on the Sir Wilfred Laurier when the location of one of the lost ships from the Franklin Expedition was discovered.
  • Working on Cortez Island this summer on the Inshore Rescue Boat as an emergency first responder for Desolation Sound and the surrounding communities.