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Grad filming Day - May 20

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Grad filming Day - May 20
by Carol Gribling - Friday, 14 May 2021, 10:40 AM

Good morning Grad Parents & Guardians

In just over one week (Thursday May 20th) we will be filming the grads walking across the stage in our very own theatre (very exciting!).  Here are some important pieces of information for you and your grad (this information has also been posted to the grad google classroom):

1) Next to the piano in the front foyer is a big list of who is walking across the stage at what time.  We have had to make a few adjustments so grads have been asked to please initial beside their name to indicate that they have confirmed their walking time.  Grads are asked to please arrive 10 minutes before their walking time. They should enter by the gym/drink-machine doors.

2) Next to this big list is a spreadsheet.  Grads have been asked to check this spreadsheet to see if there is an "X" next to their name indicating that they need to see the office.  This likely means that we are missing some information from the student.

3) Most families will watch the final film in June but grads are allowed to have a maximum of 4 family members watch as their grad crosses the stage (if they wish).  Guests will have to watch from the theatre entrance and then will need to leave with their grad as soon as they have walked across the stage.

At some point during the week after the May long weekend more information will be sent out regarding grad activities that will occur in June.

Thanks very much for all your help and patience as we navigate yet another Covid-graduation!


Lizanne Chicanot
Principal, Parkland Secondary School