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by Sue Pritchard - Thursday, 8 November 2012, 2:18 PM

We have a school dance on November 22 and on December 6 we are holding a Winter Dance for our grads. Both activities are optional events for students; there is no expectation that students attend the dances. These are sponsored and supported by the school and staff in a variety of ways including the volunteering of hours to help prepare for and supervise each dance. We also need the support of parents to volunteer their time to help with the supervision of each event.

One of our school pillars is Responsibility. Everyone needs to be making the best decisions they can, making a commitment to their education, and taking responsibility for their actions. We want every student to successfully complete all of their classes and we want all of our grade 12 students to graduate in June. We also know that absences from classes and not completing assignments jeopardize success.

Our basic expectations for students include:

  • Attend all classes - no skipping
  • Arrive to all classes on time with the necessary resources
  • Complete all required work
  • Work to your potential

In the weeks preceding the dance, teachers will be monitoring attendance and work completion and will contact parent/guardians and administration if there are potential problems. Students who are not meeting these basic expectations MAY be told by an administrator that they are not eligible to attend the dance.
In addition to these expectations, students must attend all of their classes the day of the dance if they plan to attend. Grade 12 students who are enrolled in a SIDES course they require for graduation must have completed and had marked at least two assignments before the December dance.