What's Happening at Parkland Marine?

At the Marine Institute life is never still, so we're keeping you up to date with our blog. Pictures, events and more can all be found here.  Whether you're a student, a parent or simply a curious observer, we invite you to see what you've been missing.

PE 10 - Paddling - March 2014

Sailing - March 2014


Parkland students recently took part in some sailing practice with other Vancouver Island schools. Check out the video below to see some shots of some of our students in action.

Environmental Award Winners!

March 28, 2013
The Parkland Science department and Marine Institute have won a $2100 grant to support continuing work on habitat restoration around the school. The Conservation Education Assistance Fund, as part of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation has awarded Parkland for two consecutive years to help monitor the health of Blue Heron Stream, remove invasive species from Blue Heron Park, and support outdoor, hands-on learning within the new Marine program.

Parkland Sailing Trip

March 07, 2013
Just a short video of some of our students out on a sailing trip. This is just a little sampler of some of the fun coming up in our sailing academy.

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