Is Parkland Marine right for me?

Parkland Marine offers opportunities for all Parkland students. Students can take anywhere from one Marine course to a full complement of courses and receive a Parkland Marine Certificate

There are three pathways that students can select from or students can select courses from any pathway and mix and match according to their personal interests.

Marine Trades.

The marine industry is a major employer in our region and like other industries, has become a complex, high-tech enterprise which generates a demand for skilled employees in a variety of areas.  The Marine Institute will allow students to earn post-secondary credits and apprenticeships as well as earning certifications required for work or just to enjoy our local environment recreationally

Sailing Academy.

The Parkland Secondary School Sailing Academy will give students with an interest in and a passion for sailing the opportunity to develop their sailing knowledge and skills, and to earn graduation credit and various levels of certification through a combination of classroom-based instruction and on-the-water experience. Sailing Registration Package

Marine Sciences.

Marine Science is offered at each grade level and involves an enhanced and enriched science program with a marine focus. These courses are linear in grades 9-11. Marine Science courses involve a number of field trips and an opportunity to experience and explore the marine environment.

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