• Preparation for a Successful Transition

    Graduation Transitions—4 credits

    Starting in the September 2007 school year, Graduation Transitions replaces the Graduation Portfolio Assessment found in the original 2004 graduation program. All BC secondary school students who are enrolled in Grade 10, 11 or 12 as of September 1, 2007, and beyond must demonstrate they have met the following requirements.

    For more information on Graduation Transition:
    Contact the school’s Graduation Transition Coordinator

    • GT Instructions

      In Graduation Transitions  (GT), students are responsible for preparing and presenting an overall plan for their future that must include certain components, including a healthy living plan, their daily physical activity logs, the fulfilment of at least 30 hours of work volunteer experience, and a transition plan that overviews future goals and describes what life after high school might look like for them.


    • Personal Health

      A healthy lifestyle is one that focuses on all areas of health. In this Personal Health section of the GT Package, students are required to complete and document at least 100 hours of physical activity during the school year, as well as provide strategies and/or plans regarding how they intend to maintain a healthy lifestyle after graduation. 

    • Community Connections

      All students in Saanich School District #63, before they graduate, must participate in and document at least 30 hours of work and/or volunteer experience. As part of this Community Connections portion of the GT package, students are required to complete a 30 hour Work or Volunteer Experience Form that must include an evaluation and signature from their supervisor or employer. As well, students are required to complete a Student Reflection Form after they've completed their work or volunteer experience hours.

      *Please Note: if a student has already completed the paperwork necessary for a WEX 12A or WEX 12B course credit, they automatically satisfy the Community Connections requirements and do not have to continue with these two GT package elements.

    • Career & Life

      The main components of a student's GT package are found in this Career and Life section. Students are required to provide detailed answers in their Transition Plan, a document that overviews what they've learned from their high school experience and focuses on their potential plans for their future after high school. As well, students are required to complete and attach an updated resume and cover letter to their online grad portfolio, and complete an online workable budget for the future.

    • Interview Schedule & Questions

      Listed below are some questions you may need to answer in addition to as part of your grad transition interview & the interview schedule.



      1. Tell us about yourself.

      2. Compare the “you” from Grade 9 with the “you” now in Grade 12 ... how have you grown?

      3. What advice would you give to a new Grade 9 student entering Parkland?

      4. Tell me about your proudest moment to this point in your life, either in school or out of school.

      5. Discuss a time in your life when you experienced a pressure situation: how did you handle it?

      6. Describe a leadership opportunity you have had within Parkland, our community, or at a job.

      7. What have you done that shows initiative or the willingness to “stretch” yourself?

      8. Give us three characteristics your fellow co-workers would use to describe you.

      9. From your perspective, what are the best things about Parkland that you can share with us?

      10. What are looking forward to the most after graduation, and why?