• Career Life Connections 12 - 4 credits

    For more information on CLC 12

    contact the school's CLC 12 coordinator Mr. Earnshaw

  • CLC Instructions and Overview

    • Career Life Exploration

      Note: Students who have completed WEX 12A/12B can see Ms. McNamee for signature

      • MyBlueprint Requirements

        MyBlueprint requirements

        Complete the 4 requirements of your CLC 12 class in MyBlueprint:

        • In MyBlueprint build:
        1. Transition Plan
        2. Resume
        3. Cover letter
        4. Budget
        All 4 documents need to be added to your CLC 12 portfolio in MyBlueprint

        • Interview

          Grad Transition Interview - Student Overview / Summary

          Panther Pride Presentation Plan:

          Students should complete section that outlines plan for his/her presentation