• Technology and Innovation

    If you are interested in computers, technology, electronics and robotics, sound and lighting, and digital media, Parkland is the place for you.

    Do you like gaming? Have you ever been to a LAN party?

    Here are some courses and opportunities for you:

    • Technology 9

      Technology 9 - computer sciences, hands on time with hardware, learn to assemble computers, guest presenters, and special projects

      • Web 2.0 10-12

        Web 2.0 10-12 - social media, blogs, apps, productivity tools, cloud storage, collaboration spaces, presentation programs, game production
        • Theatre Production 9-12

          Theatre Production 9-12 - set design, lighting, sound booth, backstage theatre production
          • Electronics 9-12

            Electronics 9-12 - “evil genius”, SumoBot and Vex Robotics Kits to build and program remotely controlled robotics, robotics competitions

            • Digital Media, Graphic Communication, Media Arts:

              Digital Media, Graphic Communication, Media Arts - digital manipulation of photographs, art work, video production

              • Tech Club

                Tech Club - LAN parties, gaming, building and repairing computer systems