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    • Physical & Health Education 9

      The aim of this course is to enable all students to enhance their quality of life through active living. The physically educated person has the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to incorporate physical activity into regular routines, leisure pursuits, and career requirements throughout life. Striving for an active, healthy lifestyle fosters personal growth and the ability to meet the challenges of society. The new BC curriculum for Physical and Health Education 9 includes the following big ideas:

      • Daily participation in different types of physical activity influences our physical literacy and personal health and fitness goals.
      • Lifelong participation in physical activity has many benefits and is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.
      • Healthy choices influence our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
      • Healthy relationships can help us lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.
      • Advocating for the health and well-being of others connects us to our community.

      Students in this course will learn these topics through exposure to a diversified program of physical activities, the development of knowledge and understanding of the principle rules of sport and recreational games, various group activities, guest speakers, goal setting and reflection, and inquiry projects. Students will also receive CPR instruction on alternating years (either in PHE 9 or PE 10).

      • Physical Education 10

        The course will build on the big ideas and concepts introduced in Physical and Health Education 9 with an emphasis on personal choices and lifelong learning as it relates to a student's overall health. Particular concentration will be on achievement of higher fitness levels and student participation in areas of interest.

        Lifetime and leisure-oriented sport activities will be introduced giving students a range of opportunities to experience physical activities beyond team sports. This class will also give students to opportunity to work with others as part of a team, develop leadership skills, and expand their physical literacy in a variety of movement activities.

        Students will also have the opportunity to learn about boat safety and complete their Pleasure Craft Operator Card (required by anyone 16 years or older who wishes to operate a motorized water vessel in Canada). Students will receive CPR instruction on alternating years (either in PHE 9 or PE 10).

        • Fitness For Fun 11

          The aim of Fitness Fun 11 is to provide students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of non-traditional sports and activities that can be found within our community. This co-ed course is aimed at introducing as many activities as possible to the students in the hopes that they will find a recreational pursuit or interest that will be continued throughout their life and promote life-long healthy living. Students will be introduced to activities found within our own community such as: Golf, Curling, Bowling, Hiking, Skating, Swimming, Karate, Self Defence, Snorkelling, Yoga and much more.

          This course will allow students to become active and be successful in Physical Education as talent and ability alone do not mean a high grade. The purpose of this course is to provide the students with the opportunity to become physically active in a wide variety of activities with the emphasis being on participation, goal setting, personal bests and improvement (subjective assessment). In Fitness Fun 11 teachers work with students to develop a program to meet the students' needs and interests in a balance of activities found in our community. Transportation to and from all activities are to be provided by students, parents and public transportation.

          Please note: there is a cost for this course to cover enhancement field trips, guest instructors and transportation.

          • Outdoor Ed. Sayward Lakes

            The aim of this course is to provide opportunities for students to develop proficiency in numerous performance-oriented activities and to experience a variety of recreational pursuits, career interests and activities that promote life-long healthy living. The highlight of the course is an optional, non-curricular 4-day canoe trip on the Sayward lakes Canoe route. Emphasis will be on:

            • Canoeing
            • Wilderness safety
            • First aid
            • Outdoor survival skills
            • Nutrition as it pertains to outdoor pursuits
            • Dehydration/cooking in the wilderness
            • Navigation
            • Environmental practices
            • Intramurals 10, 11 & 12

              The focus of this class is to provide a year-round intramural program to service the Parkland student body. Students will be responsible for organizing, advertising, refereeing, managing and participating in the year-round intramural program. Intramural play days usually occur on Mondays and Thursdays. Students will be required to play and clean up one day and to officiate and score keep on another day. Students will also be required to make posters to advertise the events as well as tally the results and record results on the results board.

              The intramural program usually follows this format: 

              • Term 1 - volleyball
              • Term 2 - basketball
              • Term 3 - handball
              • Term 4 - indoor soccer. 

              The class will also put on special events such as school badminton, tennis and outdoor volleyball tournaments. The class will also help out with the year-end athletic banquet. Attributes to be developed in this course are leadership, organizational skills, physical activity, fitness, marketing and advertising, understanding of tournament and round robin draws, record keeping, and officiating.

              • Health and Wellness 12

                This exciting course is now offered as part of the District Partnership Program with Camosun College. Students who successfully complete the course can apply for discretionary credit at Camosun when they register in the College's Sport and Exercise Programs.

                The main themes covered will be healthy living, lifelong activities and personal wellness.Emphasis is placed on personal health and fitness, nutrition, stress management and personal wellness planning.Students will be encouraged to develop their own goals around strength, endurance, flexibility, body image, nutrition and wellness and incorporate them into their lives.

                Learning outcomes for this course will be met through a variety of means, including:

                • Lifelong activities such as yoga, swimming, Pilates, strength training and group fitness (Panorama), bowling, skating, martial arts and preparing a variety of meals in the Foods Room.
                • Healthy living activities such as nutritional planning, fitness journals, strength training plans, body composition analysis and human anatomy and physiology.

                This course is designed for all students as the primary goal is to engage learners in all of the activities to the best of their abilities and to motivate them to be actively involved in the health and wellness of their lives.There is a cost to this course to cover enhancement field trips, food supplies and transportation.

                • Outdoor Education WCT

                  Recommended Prerequisite(s):  PE 11 Outdoor Education

                  The aim of Outdoor Education 12 is to provide opportunities for students to experience a variety of recreational pursuits, career interests and activities that promote life-long, healthy living.Students will focus their learning in areas of personal interest social responsibility, movement and active living.The highlight for this course is an optional, non-curricular, four- to six-day hiking/canoeing trip on the Nitinat Triangle portion of the West Coast Trail.Students have an opportunity to challenge their physical and emotional abilities on what many consider the "trip of a lifetime”.

                  In Outdoor Education 12, teachers work with students to develop a program to meet their needs and interests in a balance of activities from the movement categories.

                  Emphasis will be on:

                  • Team building
                  • Canoeing
                  • Portaging
                  • Leadership
                  • Personal Fitness (weight training, aerobics, etc.)
                  • Outdoor pursuits (subject to funding issues and timelines:West Coast Trail) hiking, canoeing, portaging, rock climbing.
                  • Canoeing
                  • Portaging
                  • Teambuilding
                  • Wilderness survival skills
                  • Environmental practices
                  • Food dehydration / preparation
                  • Wilderness clothing / equipment
                  • Nature appreciation
                  • Recreation activities
                  • First Aid

                  Note:  Students must provide their own equipment for trips.We strongly encourage you to buy second-hand or rent gear. There are many companies that rent the required equipment.

                  FEE:  Each student will be required to pay a non-refundable fee for the six-day hiking/canoe trip. This fee will be used to cover school transportation costs, trail fees, school equipment, etc.

                  • Yoga PE 9-12

                    Yoga 9-12 is intended as a course for any student wanting to explore the physical and mental benefits of yoga. It is appropriate for beginners or those with yoga experience who want to expand their personal practice. Students will participate in a variety of yoga classes of different styles. These classes will primarily be taught by the course instructor but may also include guest instructors and field trips to local studios. Course content will also include basic human anatomy and physiology, yoga posture breakdown, (benefits, modifications and variations for a variety of different poses), an introduction to yoga history and philosophy, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods.