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  • Learning Services at Parkland

    The learning services team is made of the Integration Support, Learning Assistance, Behaviour Support and Counselling Departments. Collectively, the seven of us have over 100 years of experience assisting students will their learning, social and emotional needs. In addition to the above teachers, we have a stellar group of Educational Assistants who provide in class and individual support.

    Although we work to support all students, the Integration and Learning Assistance teachers are responsible for students with a special education designation. We work with your child, your family and any outside agencies to ensure that your child's program fits their learning, social and emotional needs. As a team, we support all students and run the Learning Centre, a supported block where all student can get assistance with their course work.

    Our model of service ensures that your child will get the learning accommodations that they are entitled to. Our first question is “What is in the best interests of the student?” and we build programming and supports from there. Our vision and philosophy place the student first and as a result, our person centred planning helps us to give your child a successful educational experience. We have, and continue to successfully support individuals with: Learning Disabilities, Autism, Chronic Health Impairments, Physical Disabilities and all other exceptionalities. Parkland is known for our excellent Special Education services.

    Parent Testimonials

    “Thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate that you were able to move right on it. You have always been so ready to help when these times have come up at home and school.”

    “It is great that you have laid out the grad day for her. I was trying to figure out why she seemed so reluctant to shop for a dress, apart from the fact that shopping isn't her favourite activity, by any means. I did feel she was bottling up some worries. Out they all came last week! I really couldn't effectively parent without all the support of people like you, your terrific EA staff and her counsellor.”

    “I'm SO happy that this year is going well - thank you (and your staff) for all your support!”

    “A lock and dental work. I cannot believe this is all she is dealing with right now. How awesome is that?! Thanks for all your support.”

    “You are the first teacher that actually listens to my concerns and understands what I am is dealing with on a daily basis.”

    Student Testimonials

    “Just wanted to say thank you! My transcript arrived yesterday and it's now up to date. Also, a big thank you for all that you've done for me and helped me with over the years. You've had a huge positive impact on my life. I can't say thank you enough times to seem satisfied with it being enough."