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    Academic Honours Seminar

    This seminar is intended for students who are university bound. Being well prepared for University is very important. This seminar will provide students with a wide variety of experiences, information, and opportunities that are intended to help prepare them for the academic and general demands of university.

    The following are the key components of this seminar:

    Academic Preparation
    • Students will hear directly from visiting university professors on what will be expected of them at university.
    • Former Parkland students currently at university will talk about their experiences and give students information and suggestions for success at university.

    Managing Campus Life
    • Transition to university has social and emotional impact on students and can be difficult.
    • Resources will be shared with students on how to psychologically prepare for this transition so that it is less daunting.

    • Parkland students are eligible to apply for many scholarships.
    • Students will be made aware of these scholarships and will be given support with their applications.

    Access to Universities
    • Students will be coached on how to access information on University programs.
    • Visits from university representatives will be scheduled.
    • Opportunities to visit campuses of some of the following Universities will be provided to students-- Camosun (University transfer program), UVic, VIU, SFU, UBC.

    Independent Directed Study
    • Each student will be required to investigate an academic area of their choosing.
    • A final project will include an essay and a presentation to the group in May.

    This is a year long seminar beginning October 1st and ending May 31st. This seminar is open to any students in grade 11 or 12 who are intending to go to University and have an average of 80% or higher in their previous school year. Applications are available online or from the front office.

    The seminar will convene twice a week after school. Upon completion of their Independent Directed Study presentation and submission of their essay, students will be awarded four credits to apply towards graduation.

    Academic Honours Seminar Application