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Canada Day in Paris

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Canada Day in Paris
by Sue Pritchard - Tuesday, 2 July 2013, 8:36 AM
Parkland School Europe Trip 2013: Canada Day in Paris

All 23 of us have arrived safely in Paris. After our beautiful sunny ferry crossing early Sunday morning, our bus was waiting to take us to YVR.  We had the usual long waits at Vancouver Airport but just had enough time to get a nice lunch before boarding. The plane ride went smoothly - Cidnee completed her first flight without too much of a panic.  We landed at Paris Charles de Gaulle in good time and our great bus driver Fernando was there to meet us and bring us to our hotel - l'Hotel Ambassadeur in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Fernando has driven several Parkland groups before and is a bus-driver extraordinaire - he drives his new Mercedes 50 seater as easily as if it were a Smart car.

We just got back from enjoying some fresh air at a small park nearby, with a stop on the way there for baguette sandwiches, chocolate croissants, fresh strawberries, cherries and croissants. We spent a little time in the park enjoying the sun. Three of us managed to fit in a coffee and a quick check of a shoe shop too!

We have now returned to relax for a couple of hours, it is 7.45am Monday BC time and most of us have had no sleep over the last 24 hours. We are heading to the restaurant for our 3 course dinner at 7pm - tonight's menu is paté, steak and veggies, the soft chocolate cake. There will be another veggie option for Raylen and me - we have eaten at this restaurant before and they are always very flexible.
Tomorrow we will see the Rodin museum and the Montparnasse tower - then shopping time after and supper.
Happy Canada day!