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Youth in Philanthropy Initiative

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Youth in Philanthropy Initiative
by Sue Pritchard - Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 2:41 PM

"Parkland YPI Presentations and the $5000 Winning Group:

Congratulations to all of the groups who participated in the Parkland YPI (Youth in Philanthropy Initiative)
presentations this past May!  A program of the non-profit Toskan Casale Foundation, YPI encourages students
to identify a local grassroots charity in need, visit the charity to better learn how it serves the community, and then
make a presentation to a panel of judges to explain why the organization merits support.

A special thank you goes to Mrs. Hackman for all of her hard work to set this up with her Planning 10 classes,
and of course a big congratulations goes out to the winning team of Amy MacGarvey, Sasha Janzen, and Matt Shortill
for their passionate and convincing presentation in support of the PEERS Victoria organization - they will now be able
to present PEERS Victoria with a $5000 grant from the YPI foundation as the winning group!"