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BC Championships for High School Track and Field

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BC Championships for High School Track and Field
by Scott Arnold - Monday, 6 June 2016, 1:08 PM

Our Parkland Athletes had a great three days at the BC Championships for Track and Field. They represented our school so well with not only their achievements, but great sportsmanship.

track and field track and field

track and field track and field

track and field

Ben Sammons Double Silver Medalists - 2nd in Province in Jr. Boys 100M Hurdles and then 2nd again in 300M hurdles!  Ran like a machine this weekend…a great ambassador for Parkland!

Sayril - 4th in the BC’s in Sr Boys Long Jump!  He did amazing…and he's only in grade 11!  Sr. Boys 100M - 7th in the Province (just making the final is amazing - 5 heats with 8 lanes - so 40 people trying for only 8 spots in the final), 200M came in 10th! So much speed!

Paulina Pastor - 6th in the Province in Jr. Girls Shot Put!   Top Island Finisher in that event!

Michaela Pennell -  great day throwing the Javelin in the heat.  Sr. Girls Javelin 23.65, and she also did the Hammer!

Sr. Boys 4 X 100 team of Ben, Sayril, Michael Taylor and Jarrod Harris - 9th in the province…just missed final by less than 1/2 of a second. Lots more to come as only one grade 12 on the team.

Sr. Boys 4 X 400 of Ben, Sayril, Josh Carmichael and Jarrod Harris - had to run without power house, Michael Taylor, but did an amazing job finishing top 15.   Jarrod Harris stepped up to the plate and ran awesome, as did all of them.