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Parkland TASK and HAIR graduates

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Parkland TASK and HAIR graduates
by Carol Gribling - Friday, 17 January 2020, 1:53 PM

Parkland is so proud of the students that completed the TASK and HAIR programs at ILC.  
Congratulations to the TASK graduates: 

Cody Adamson
Nico Greenway
Ethan Harper--dedication to every TASK award!
Alaina Heslop Sutton
Josh Horan
Stephen Peterson
Liam Poole--perfect attendance award!
Chakotay William--most improved award!
Kai Reid-hardest worker award!
Aiden Meadows

Congratulations to the HAIR graduates:

Soraya Kaoukaou -- Valedictorian
Cassidy Churchill

Well done on all your hard work!