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Sailing Academy
by Sue Pritchard - Tuesday, 25 March 2014, 2:52 PM

A big congratulations goes out to the members of our Sailing Academy (pictured above with their instructor Mr. Roome) who have been having a wonderful class/season so far and have participated in two regattas to date!
Back in their November regattta, Colin Bishop and Chad White achieved a first place finish and Thomas Bennett and Theo DeQuesnay achieved a third place finish, with both teams entered in the Gold Division.

This past weekend, we had four Parkland students sailing in the Patos Island race (124km long course and a 79 km short course); Thomas Bennett and Theo DeQuesnay came in 3rd in their division with a time of 16:57:26, while Chad White and Colin Bishop both finished 4th in their respective divisions with times of 15:21:25 and 16:59:17. It was quite the race, as contestants start at 11:00 am and don't end up finishing until approximately 3:00 am (with no sleep, having to battle strong winds/rain, and dodging freighters in the dark).
What a true test of skill and endurance – way to go gentlemen!