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To Parkland Parents/Guardians/Students (May 26, 2020)

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To Parkland Parents/Guardians/Students (May 26, 2020)
by Carol Gribling - Tuesday, 26 May 2020, 8:03 AM

Tuesday May 26, 2020   

Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,

I would like to provide you with some more information regarding the partial reopening of schools on June 1st.  You would have received an email from Superintendent Dave Eberwein on Friday May 22nd providing you with information from the district level.  I would like to follow that with information more specific to Parkland.

Last week Health and Safety meetings were convened at the District and at Parkland to ensure that Worksafe BC regulations will all be in place as of June 1st. We have put into place a series of measures to protect and keep safe all Parkland students and staff.  The following 5 practices are key:

  1. All staff and students will arrive and exit through the front entrance where they will be checked in.

  2. No one will be permitted to enter the building if they are sick.

  3. Students must wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival, before they go home and between blocks.

  4. All students and staff will practice safe physical distancing (classrooms have a maximum capacity of 10 individuals)

  5. When moving through the school students are to stick to the right hand side of the hallway and walk single file.

In addition to the safety measures that we are putting into place, I want to ensure that you also have the following important pieces of information regarding our reopening June 1st:

  • Superintendent message -  If you have not done so already, please read this important update for our Superintendent Mr. Dave Eberwein.   

  • Returning to School in June - The return to school on June 1st is completely voluntary and those who decide not to return will not be penalized.  Teachers will continue to deliver their courses via a “remote” delivery model to all their students.  Those students who come to school will be given the opportunity to enhance their learning through small group conversations and individualized support in their classes. By now you would have completed a survey to indicate whether your son/daughter will be returning to school.  Should you wish to change your initial decision, please email me directly (

  • While at school, students will be expected to:

    • Follow the regular bell schedule and attend all classes on their timetable

    • Be purposeful and remain in classes for the entirety of each block

    • Abide by health and safety protocols 

    • Bring their own food and water bottle as only very limited food services will be available

  • June 1st Weekly Schedule - Students will attend school based on an alpha sort (as per table below). Students that have struggled with online learning and/or are not in a passing position in one or more of their courses are encouraged to come to school on Friday in addition to their scheduled day.  Should any students require more contact time than two days, please email me directly ( and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.






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Extra learning support

  • Remote Learning Continues - All students need to continue with their remote learning.  It is very important for students to make the effort and remain engaged with each class.  Parkland teachers and staff are working equally hard to ensure learning continues. 

  • School Buses - Buses will be running as usual but will be carrying reduced loads.  

I hope that this summary provides you with the information that you require to understand what the partial re-opening of Parkland will look like as of June 1st.  I will continue to provide you with weekly updates via the front page of the Parkland website.


Lizanne Chicanot
Principal, Parkland Secondary School