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The Parkland Hockey Academy was great for me because it allowed me to work on skills I didn't get a chance to work on with my own team.  Having the opportunity to work on those skills helped me get to where I am today.  Thank you Max and Sutty for all the help.        ---  Nate Looysen - Kamloops Blazers   -Victoria Cougars

2014 -2015

I really believe that the Hockey Academy made a huge difference to my son's first year of high school.   I believe that because he was up and had 1-2 hours of exercise as well as a good breakfast following practice, he was much better in class.  He was able to focus, he was fully awake and energized and just all around more engaged.  I also think that for a teen it is great for them to not only have that exercise but also to have their first academic class later in the morning is really conducive to better learning.  We are grateful that you have been able to include Stelly‚Äôs students in this program.  It is so important to be able to offer something for everyone at school especially at the high school level.  Thank you for supporting this program and all you do for the students who participate. It really is appreciated and valued.         ---  2014-2015 Hockey Academy Parent


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