Sailing Academy

The Parkland Sailing Academy will give students with an interest in and a passion for sailing the opportunity to develop their sailing knowledge and skills, and to earn graduation credits and various levels of certification through a combination of classroom-based instruction and on-the-water experiences. Students will:

  • have opportunities to train for recreational and competitive sailing at the local, provincial, national and perhaps international levels

  • develop the attributes of problem solving, critical thinking, team work and collaboration

  • connect positively with members of the community

Program Overview

The program has two major components: classroom instruction in sailing theory and on-the-water instruction and practice. All students in the Academy will get on-the-water training and experience Friday afternoons and on Saturday’s at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. Students will also be able to participate in the Lower Vancouver Island Sailing League and compete with other school teams in a safe and fun environment.

Academy Fees

The fee to participate in the Sailing Academy will be $600 per year. The fee includes the cost of boat rentals and instructors, and various levels of certification. Students will be required to provide their own personal flotation devices and appropriate clothing. This could amount to $200 for an initial purchase which would only need to be replaced if the student outgrows the clothing. There will be bursaries and other forms of financial assistance if required.


Any interested student will be able to register for the Sailing Academy. There are no pre-requisite courses and prior experience is not necessary. Interested students should attend an information session and sign up for the course through filling out and submitting this form to the Parkland Marine Office. Students in the Academy will be expected to maintain a positive academic record and manage themselves appropriately and responsibly at school and on the water.

Sailing Year At A Glance

Fall Sailing Season (September to November)

The fall season is our Yacht-club based season with weekly training sessions and several regattas.  Students will be on the water twice a week for a total of six hours at Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. All levels are welcome.

Theory and Classroom Activities (November to April)

Students will start with their Canadian Power Squadron (CPS) Boater Basics course and receive their PCOC certificate. Students will also complete the CPS Boating essentials course and have the options to work on other marine based certificates like the VHF.

Spring Sailing Season (April to June)

This is our school based season with weekly training sessions and many regattas against other sailing programs at other schools.

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