Ms. Stinson is the Marine Science 11 teacher, and also teaches other Sciences and Learning Support at Parkland.    Her favourite part of Parkland Marine is taking Biology and Chemistry out of the classroom and into the forests, ocean, and beaches around us to help students understand the deep connections between themselves and the natural world. 

As a young man, Mr. Roome sailed over 13,000 nautical miles in a 26 foot sailboat from England to Vancouver Island. Through this experience he developed a strong connection to the beautiful environments that surround our many communities. Mr. Roome hopes to instill this same connection to our natural world in his students as the Sailing Academy Instructor. 

Mr. Hilton has taught at Parkland since 1999.  Being out on the water or underwater are two exciting places to learn

Mr. Caddell is the Marine Repair/Restoration teacher and also teaches Woodwork and Carpentry/Joinery at Parkland.  He enjoys working with students in the Marine Repair course on challenging projects and is looking forward to the launch of the refurbished classic boats in the future.

Mr. Brouwer is the Automotive and Metal teacher and also teaches Drafting.  He avidly supports Parkland Marine and  incorporates marine theme projects into his classes.

Ms. Dibblee is the Marine Science/PE 10 teacher, and also teaches Outdoor Education 11 and other PE and Sciences courses here at Parkland. Her favourite thing about being part of Parkland Marine is taking her classes outside and teaching them to paddle in the beautiful environment surrounding our school.


Ms. McNamee

Dr. Stelck is an English and History teacher and has been closely involved with the development of Parkland Marine since its inception.  She is part of the school advisory team and incorporates marine themes and activities into her English and Socials classes frequently  given Parkland's proximity to the ocean and the many marine-based businesses in the area.

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