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Community and Partnership Opportunities

Parkland Marine is in the process of developing partnerships with community organizations, businesses, other training institutes, and interested individuals. It is important to us to foster these links and partnerships as a great deal of student learning takes place beyond the classroom walls.

How can you get involved?

Parkland Marine Partners

Are you a part of a business, service or organization that has links to the local peninsula marine environment? If the answer is yes, we invite you to become a Parkland Marine Partner. This means that we can have a link to your business or organization on our website and you can have a link to ours. If you require students for an initiative or are looking for young employees we will endeavour to make those connections for you. If we are looking for work experience for students or some involvement in students' projects, we may consult with you. There is no formal obligation but the partnerships have the potential to benefit all involved.

Please email Parkland Principal Lizanne Chicanot at if you are interested in being a Parkland Marine Partner.

Last modified: Thursday, 25 January 2018, 5:01 PM